Learn how to increase your credit card limit

When done consciously, the use of the credit card an excellent ally for your finances. In addition to allowing installment payments and the purchase of goods and services of values ​​that would not be possible sight, are there still those who have reward systems miles, points and other advantages that can be obtained with frequent use. But be that your limit enough to carry out all your purchases At the In today’s post, you will discover how to increase the limit of your credit card and be able to enjoy the benefits that it has for you. in addition to knowing the necessary care with the highest limit. Let’s go


What is the credit card limit

credit card limit

Is the credit card limit nothing more that the maximum amount your card operator or financial institution allows you to use to make credit purchases. Within that limit, It is possible to make purchases that can be for the date of payment of the invoice, or even in installments and that will be included in invoices for subsequent months. However, if you exceeds the limit value, your card blocked and next purchases are not authorized until that you pay the invoice amount and release that amount for other purchases on the card.


What are the card limit values

credit card limit values

Typically, credit card limits are observing those granted by public banks around 30% of the client’s gross income. In private banks, can this amount be slightly higher and managers offer even more freedom to progressively increase the limit. Even so, this duty is always based on the client’s income, so as not to compromise their finances and create problems with the use of the card.


What are the possibilities for increasing the limit

credit loans

Are there any possibilities for you to  increase the credit card limit as, for example, the increase in rent, which can be informed to the bank by sending the payslip. However, try to do this through an in-person conversation with your manager! Avoid having any kind of debt with the bank, such as those on the revolving credit card or the overdraft j that they are registered and can harm your history together institution. Likewise, try to centralize all your spending in one card as this creates a shopping history together operator and, with payments made on time, indicates that you are  also good payer. Since you did you understand that the limits in public banks are lower, an alternative,  try to switch to a private institution,  and, thus, increase the value of your limit with your new manager. Don’t forget to always pay your invoice until the expiration date! In order not to have problems, a great option include it in automatic debt will that with you avoid delays and consequent obstacles to increase your limit.


What are the necessary precautions with the highest limit

credit cards

Increasing the credit card limit can be an excellent option, but be aware that it should not be seen as a second income or even a loan! Interest is very high in the case of using the card’s rotary. So, regardless of your income and your limit, use the card wisely! Be disciplined with payments and installments, using spreadsheets or applications to track the values ​​of your next invoices and ensure that they do not compromise financial planning. And keep an eye out for fees and values ​​that may be charged by you have credit card! Now you Do you know how to increase the credit card limit and know the necessary care when its limit And you, how do you use your credit card  higher.