Loan, redemption and credit on a bank.

The society of funding in dustrial and commercial whose acronym is Cream bank, born in 1951. In 2010 it merged with finance company, both are subsidiaries of the bank Lite Lender. Cream bank is one of the largest French credit company. It is present on several levels, first of all it has around twenty agencies spread across the territory.

Cream bank credit products will also be offered to you in certain major brands (household equipment, vehicles, hi-fi, etc.). It is also possible to contact Cream bank, via its number 0 825 002 004 from Monday to Friday during working hours.

The products offered are of several kinds: Personal. Works. Auto Moto. Other loans. Revolving credit. Cream bank card. Redemption of credits.

The loans :

These different products offer a certain flexibility, in case of temporary difficulties. Example for the car loan: Possibility to request a credit break, ie to ” skip ” a monthly payment, (once every 6 months). It is also possible to reduce the amount of monthly payments for 3 consecutive months. Conversely, in the event of income, you can increase the monthly payments or repay in advance, all on a simple phone call. Optional insurance is offered.

To contract a Cream bank loan, you have 3 options: By going to one of the 20 branches, or by phone or even online, on the Cream site where you will find a simple credit simulator of ‘use. You can then manage your account on this same site.

Credit repurchase:

If you have several loans in the process of being repaid and the sum of the monthly installments is too heavy, you can request a loan repurchase. Cream bank buys back all your credits and you only have one loan in progress, the monthly payments therefore decrease. Be careful though, because if you choose this solution, the overall repayment period will increase, as will the total interest. the amount of the loan can range from 3,000 to 100,000 for terms of 36 to 96 months.

Mortgage loans cannot be included in this type of redemption. The organization is responsible for sending the termination letters to the various lending organizations.

Revolving credit:

Also called revolving credit, this is a sum of money which is made available to you, by simple request to Cream bank, after studying your file. You can use the allocated amount in one or more installments without having to provide proof. Depending on the amount borrowed, a monthly payment is debited from your account. The revolving credit has this particular, it is replenished as repayments.

Useful in the event of a hard blow (a fridge that drops you, or a repair on your vehicle). Be careful however because the interest rates are much higher than on other types of loans. Moreover, some consumer associations have sounded the alarm, according to them, this type of borrowing would have led many households to over-indebtedness.

Advice : if you have an unexpected, check with your bank and compare.

Tip : This is valid for all loans, compare the different offers, you can even with some agencies negotiate the interest rate or the repayment duration. in short, don’t rush